FMT Consulting, head hunting company created by Patricia Bravin. Financial Markets and Technology consulting in Europe and Worldwide


At the heart of FMT consulting is our expertise. We participate at each step of the recruitment process, all the way from studying specifications to recruiting and integrating the appropriate candidates.

From middle management to top executives, FMT consulting guarantees to deliver quality recruitments benefiting from two strategies:

An up-front Approach:

Our trained consultants discretely contact candidates while respecting the confidentiality of the clients. This method requires discipline and attention to detail, and it allows us to find the most adept professionals while responding quickly to the needs of our client. We then follow the candidate and correspond with the client along the entire process to ensure quality and transparency in our work.

Working with our network:

From our well-established network of professionals, we maintain updated records on our contacts which allow our clients to get a snap shot of potential candidates right from the beginning.

The recruiting Process

  • Meeting between FMT Consulting and the client

  • Elaborating and carrying out the recruiting strategy

  • Locating and approaching potential candidates

  • Selecting matching profiles

  • First round of interviews between FMT Consulting and the candidates

  • Presentation of a candidate short list to the client

  • Second round of interviews between the client and the candidates

  • Offer by the client to the candidate

  • Offer accepted by the candidate

  • Candidate begins the job

  • Post-recruitment follow up by FMT Consulting